The first base on the moon will be ready in 5 years

The Chinese are increasingly exploring space. The government of the Celestial Empire has set itself another ambitious goal – to build the first base on the moon in just 5 years.

China is taking space exploration more and more seriously. It does this in the light of natural resources, thanks to which it will be possible to ensure the further rapid spread of this force, not only on Earth, but also in space. That’s why the government is building its own space station, sending missions to the Moon and Mars.

However, the priority is the colonization of the natural satellite of our planet. The Chinese want to do it in the 1920s and before the Americans. Although the Celestial Empire is at least 10 years behind the United States in space technology, this does not exclude the possibility of overtaking the Americans in many historical projects.

Officials from the Chinese Space Agency told the South China Morning Post that they are accelerating plans to build a first base on the moon’s surface. The disclosed information shows that it will be an unmanned and fully autonomous object.

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