6G network testing announced

In most parts of the world, 5G technology is still in its infancy, and technology companies are already starting the first trials of a 6G network. The pioneers are Koreans and Chinese. LG is preparing for the official premiere of the first 6G test network.

LG has announced that it will showcase the capabilities of its new 6G technology at the 2021 Korea Science and Technology Expo. Together with the German Fraunhofer Research Institute, the company has developed a special amplifier with which data can be transmitted in the new network standard.

Early experiments have shown that data can be received and transmitted over distances of more than 100 meters in the frequency range from 100 GHz to 10 THz. The data transfer rate was 1 Tb/s. This is a huge improvement in transmission quality compared to the 5G network. We remind you that currently in most cases the transmission speed is about 1 Gbps, so in the case of 6G we have a 1000-fold increase in throughput.
LG engineers explain that this is actually just the beginning of the development of the 6G network. As mentioned earlier, the 5G network is currently being developed and 6G commercial deployment is expected to take place in the late 20s.

Thanks to the 6G network, we no longer have to worry about the 8K or 16K at 60 FPS movie we are watching on the Internet freezing or waiting forever to download it to our mobile device.

Almost 43,000 patent applications related to the development of the 6G network have been filed worldwide. Suffice it to say that 35% of them appeared only in China.

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